Lelisir d’amore (Donizetti) – Act 1 Opening scenes

It’s a new term at university, and the students are still trapped in their cold and draughty lodgings. They have arranged a video call to catch up. Somewhat worse for wear already, the students imagine being in the blazing sun. Adina reads aloud, and young, naive Nemorino, already obsessed with the wizarding world, becomes convinced that a magic potion will make her fall in love with him. Soon, Belcore arrives, proudly showing off his rank of Sergeant in the University Officer Cadets, and impressing no-one in the process.

La Cenerentola (Rossini) – Act 2 scene & finale

Cenerentola’s sisters, Clorinda & Tisbe, are wannabe Instagram influencers – they dream of going viral, and their father Don Magnifico dreams of cashing in on their success. But when fashion designer Ramiro – “il Principe” – calls to arrange a promotion opportunity, he recognises Cenerentola from the bracelet that she wears, and the pair are reunited.


Friday 12 March 2021, 8pm